What is Explore?

Explore is a  class designed to help you move forward in your walk with Christ
through practical teaching in an interactive classroom setting. During the class,
you will hear about topics such as our purpose, our church culture
as well as our beliefs and values. The goal of Explore is to help you identify what
your next steps are and how to take them, as well as understanding the value associated
with each next step. By the end of the course we are confident that you will better
understand who we are as a church, as well as who you are in Christ and how you can
better live out his purpose for your life.

Who should take it?

Explore is open to everyone at RPT! Whether you just made a
decision to follow Christ, are new to church, or have been here for a while, Explore
will help you grow in your relationship with Christ and develop you into a leader.

When and where?

Explore is offered after the first, second and third  Sunday service of each month.
Participants meet in the back of the coffee shop until the leader arrives to start the class.